In Today’s DUH News: WB Wants Nolan Back for Batman Begins 3

According to Variety, via SyFyPortal (of all places — since when does Batman qualify as “sci-fi”? but I digress), Warner Bros. has extended an offer to “The Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan to take on the third installment of the rebooted Batman franchise. Obviously everyone saw this coming; you would have to be an idiot, wrapped in a bow of dumb dumb nuts, to think that Warner Bros. wouldn’t be doing everything it can to get Nolan back behind the camera for a third outing of the further adventures of The Bat.

Anyways, here’s Variety (via):

“There’s a deal for the director to helm a third picture, but he has yet to decide on whether to tackle it yet,” said Alan Horn, head of Warner Bros. studios. “We have no idea where Chris is going with this. We haven’t had any conversations with him about it.”

Considering that Nolan now has carte blanche to do pretty much what he wants with the Batman, I’m guessing he’ll come back for a third and final movie, and then ditch the franchise. The guy strikes me as a very artistic fellow, and although he seems very comfortable with Hollywood big franchise fare, he’ll probably want to move on to something else after three movies.

Which leads to this question: Who will be the villain (or villains) in “Batman Begins 3”?

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