Inception Stars Talk About Film

inception-movie-6_thumb575x280Chris Nolan instantly became one of my favorite current filmmakers after I saw Memento. Since then, he has joined the ranks of Scorsese and Spielberg as a mega-director who has total fidelity to his own artistic vision. The Dark Knight, rather than being an obstruction for his career, has actually given him license to make just about anything he wants.

What he wants, of course, is to make Inception, but nobody exactly knows what that is. It’s a sci-fi film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. A trailer has been released. But few other details have emerged about the story. Recently, both MTV and Empire (via First Showing) have interviewed members of the cast, but they won’t reveal anything besides the fact that it’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever see ever. First, Cillian Murphy shares his thoughts with MTV:

“This is my third film with Chris,” Murphy said. “He showed me the whole script. It’s very very complex and amazing. I’m hugely excited for next year when it comes out.”

We’re glad that you think the script is great and everything, but how about the story? Care to share any details, Mr. Murphy?

“It’s conceptual. It doesn’t fit into any genre,” he explained. “There are elements of different types of things in it but it is all from Chris’ imagination. I’ve never read anything close to it before.”

Michael Caine also spoke with Empire about what it was like working with Leonardo DiCaprio:

“I play a professor who’s teaching a guy science,” Sir Michael told of us of his fourth Nolan collaboration. “It’s Leonardo diCaprio. He’s going off to do a science project and he speaks to me before he goes.”

While the great man wouldn’t elaborate on exactly what that project involves (and we’re not expecting frog dissection) he had warm words for his co-star’s performance. “Leo is great. I’ve had a day with him [in London], he’s wonderful.”

It seems likely, of course, that people still won’t have any idea about the film going into the theater, only that it stimulates some desire in the brain just to know. Nolan is very good at that sort of thing, and it’s why I see his movies. It won’t be a surprise if the finished product lives up to the concept, but it will be a relief.