Incredibles! Tom Cruise Confirms Brad Bird Will Direct Mission Impossible 4

It’s been rumored for a while now, so it probably comes as no surprise that Bird has officially nabbed the gig. Or at least, that’s according to Tom Cruise himself, and he would know, being the star and producer and basically the franchise of, well, the “Mission Impossible” movie franchise and all. Cruise told Empire that besides Brad Bird, who would be making his live-action feature film debut on “Mission Impossible 4”, Edgar Wright was also in contention, but eventually Bird won out, and that “everything’s signed… Brad is doing it.”

So there you have it. It does seem like one hell of a way to make your debut, since live-action is another world entirely from animation, which Bird has been doing since 1999’s “The Iron Giant”. He followed that up with the incredible “The Incredibles” in 2004, and “Ratatouille” in 2007.

J.J. Abrams, who wrote and directed part three, will return to produce the fourth entry along with Cruise. Paramount, who has yet to officially announce Bird as director, has the movie penned in for Summer 2011, which is looking like one hell of a busy summer for moviegoers who love things that go BOOM.