Indiana Jones 4 More Plot Details, More Spoilers, and More Cate Blanchett Mystery

It seems that the biggest mystery surrounding Indiana Jones 4, aka “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” isn’t if aliens will show up as they did in the previous draft of the screenplay, but who exactly is Cate Blanchett playing, and if the Nazis are no longer around, who will take their place? Well some kid who worked on the set in Oklahoma just spoiled the whole thing and told some newspaper who wrote it up and the net got a hold of it and now — yep, it’s all over the place. You gotta love kids in Oklahoma. I bet Spielberg will never let them work in this town again!!! Or something like that. Read on for the SPOILERS.

These are from our buds at Cinema Blend:

“¢ Indiana Jones 4 takes place in South America.
“¢ Cate Blanchett plays a Russian interrogator.
“¢ Indy is fighting communists! Both Indy and the Soviet Army is searching for a crucifix/skull (a crystal skull?) in the jungle.
“¢The Russian Army tries to blackmail Indy by kidnapping his old flame from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Presumably this is how Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) gets re-involved with Jones.
“¢ At some point a group of Russian soldiers take Indiana Jones hostage and they find the skull.
“¢ Indiana Jones falls back in love with Marion Ravenwood.

So the big mysteries are solved, right? The villains are Russian commies and Cate plays a bad, bad girl. That gels with this interview she recently did with MTV, in which she talks about her character’s villainous side:

But while Cate wouldn’t give up any details about what role the crystal skulls play in the story (or even what their supposed powers are), the Oscar-nominated actress may have let slip an equally important plot detail.

When Blanchett was originally cast it was widely assumed that she would be playing Indy’s love interest. Subsequently, online reports have pegged her, not as a romantic flame, but as a nefarious foe, possibly in league with the Russians.

Cate, who was 12-years-old when “Raiders of the Lost Ark” opened, recalled watching Indy “kiss Karen Allen when they fall asleep. I can remember that was a big part for me,” she said. “I thought, “˜Ooh, gosh. When I grow up I’d like to marry a man like him, even if he does fall asleep after I kiss him.'”

So we asked straight away: Did she get her childhood wish? Does she finally get to kiss Indiana Jones? “[Not] unless they’ve changed the script pages,” she sighed. “I don’t think so.”

I would still have liked to see the aliens. It would make this installment so “out there”, and when you already have a 65-year old man running around beating up kids 5 times younger than he is, it’s already out there enough, so why not throw in some aliens and flying saucers? But maybe that’s just me.