Indiana Jones 4 Plot Details, Cate Blanchett’s Role, and Spoilers

“Indiana Jones 4”, aka “Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods” is revving up production, and the movie sites are gathering data on what is happening with it. CHUD has been on the forefront of the “Indy” scene, and thinks they know who Cate Blanchett (announced as joining the cast a while back) will be playing, and it ain’t Indy’s love interest as everyone (including myself) expected. And oh yeah, you remember that dust up with Frank Darabont (“The Shawshank Redemption”) over his alien-intensive script, which we all assumed Spielberg and Lucas has tossed into the garbage bin? Apparently that’s still an issue, too. Continue for the spoilers if you wish.

Says CHUD about the matter:

When looking to back up what I ran earlier this week, IESB uncovered a piece of info that I sat on, and they reported it, so now I’m reporting it as well — Cate Blanchett is the baddie in the film, and she’s been seen in the last week running around in a Soviet military uniform (that’s some pre-production stuff, I believe, not actually shooting anything).

And then there’s this about the plot of the film:

I am going to go on record saying that I am not 100% sure that the Area 51 scene is the opening. I’ve based that on some assumptions and Darabont’s draft. Also, and this is probably a major spoiler, so I’ll keep it blacked out: don’t expect aliens to have a major role in this film. Chariots of the Gods? is about ANCIENT astronauts, and while alien contact with ancient cultures — and that involves the crystal skulls (and complete crystal skeletons!) — is the driving background of this story, I don’t believe many living aliens show up at all. So if you’re worried that Indy is flying in UFOs or having laser battles, drop that out of your mind now.

Indy hates snakes and Nazis, and now he’s gotta deal with aliens and a villainous Cate Blanchett? Nice job if you can get it.