Indulge in Some Behind-the-Scenes Footage from Wong Jing’s Mr. and Mrs. Gambler

Who wants to see some behind-the-scenes footage from prolific Chinese director Wong Jing’s “Mr. and Mrs. Gambler”? Those are probably cricket you’re hearing, dear readers, as I honestly believe I’m the only one who has any interest in the clip embedded below. And that’s perfectly okay. Not everyone has an appreciation for the finer things in life. Feel free to stop laughing at any point. Seriously. I can hear you snickering.

You probably need to read this synopsis:

Manfred and Flora are degenerate gamblers who can gamble on anything 24 hours a day seven days a week. Though they have come across each other a few times at the casino, they have not left any lasting impression upon each other. On that fateful day, they both suffered heavy losses and held hostage by the loan sharks in Macau. It was then they fell in love with each other.

Chapman To and Fiona Si bring “Mr. and Mrs. Gambler” to Chinese theaters on February 23rd, 2012. I’m sure every single person on the planet is looking forward to seeing this film as much as I am. If you’re craving more footage from the flick, take a minute to investigate the embedded video. You may not be able to understand a single word of it, but it’s still moderately entertaining.