Indy 4’s Trailer and the Missing Guns

So there’s this whole hullabaloo going on the interwebs today about how Spielberg et al CGI’ed out some guns from the trailer of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” to make the trailer more “family-friendly” to U.S. audiences, and I got to thinking about that Southpark episode where Spielberg changed guns to walkie-talkies on all of his films, so you had menacing men threatening kids with walkie talkies. Funny stuff. Anyhoo. Continue reading.

AICN has got the tidbit about why in one scene in the Indy 4 trailer you saw men with machineguns running toward Indy and Ray Wise, then the sounds of guns being cocked, only to see a bunch of dudes surround Indy and company, but no guns visible. Because, apparently, they were all CGI’ed out at the request of the MPAA. No, really. The machineguns were kept intact for the International trailer. See below.


Hah! It’s that South Park episode all over again: