Infamous 2 Wants to Give you Free Tickets to Comic Con

If I could, I would go to Comic Con in San Diego every year. But alas, that’s not gonna happen. Playstation and the makers of the upcoming game sequel “Infamous 2” wants to give you free tickets to Comic Con. But hey, maybe you’re not as lame as me. Head over to the “Infamous 2” Sweepstakes site for more details and to enter.

The BEAST is coming.

A being of pure power and destruction is annihilating the East Coast. To stop this menace, Cole must find the key to unlocking his undiscovered powers hidden deep within New Marais. Standing in the way is a power-hungry dictator that will stop at nothing to rid him from the city. Gain enough power to defeat The Beast or witness the destruction of the world.

Save the world or destroy it.

Get infamous June 7th, 2011.