Info and Imagery from Takashi Shimizu’s Rabbit Horror 3D

Say what you will about the project, but Takashi Shimizu’s upcoming genre outing “Rabbit Horror 3D” has effortlessly snagged my interest. And while I’m still not sure how, exactly, I feel about the production, I’m still extremely curious to see the finished product when it finally hits theaters. Granted, I seriously doubt those of us living in the United States will be able to enjoy the feature in all its three dimensional glory, but any movie that focuses on a boy and his relationship with a scary stuffed rabbit is definitely worth seeing. Fortissimo Films — who claims the film recalls the director’s earlier work — picked up worldwide distribution (excluding Japan) at this year’s American Film Market, so expect to see the film on North American shores sometime next year. Fingers crossed that it actually plays somewhere within driving distance.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the info. As promised, the aforementioned imagery lies below. My curiosity is most certainly piqued.