Insidious Lives up to Its Name, Crosses $50 Million in Total Box Office … For Now

I’ve heard nothing but really good things about James Wan’s “Insidious”, and it was always my intention to catch it in theaters as soon as I could, but for various reasons (laziness, an inability to drag the significant other to a “ghost” movie, etc), I never did. Now I’m really going to make the time.

Directed by James Wan and co-written with his “Saw” cohort Leigh Whannell (who also co-stars), “Insidious” was made for a (in Hollywood terms) micro-budget of $1.5 million, and has since cleared $44 million in the States, and another $5 million in Russia alone. The film now stands at around $50 million in total box office, with other major overseas territories still to go, including the UK.

The $50 million from its $1.5 million dollar budget has made “Insidious”, which has been described by everyone who has seen it as an old-fashioned haunted house ghost story, the most profitable film of 2011 in terms of return-on-investment.

The film stars Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson as parents whose son is being haunted by a demonic spirit. Try to catch it if you can, it’s apparently worth the effort.