Intense New Trailer for Kazuyoshi Kumakiri’s Dramatic Actioner Blazing Famiglia

What happens when teenage gangsters in Japan finally decide to grow up? They become ordinary working-class stiffs with angry kids of their own. Below you’ll find the new trailer for director Kazuyoshi Kumakiri’s upcoming drama “Blazing Famiglia”, a film that takes the teenage gangster genre and attempts to give it a fresh new coat of paint. I think the idea of a former gangster having to deal with hit punk-ass son is interesting, particularly since Kumakiri and company and providing plenty of action-packed tomfoolery.

Here’s a synopsis, courtesy of Wildgrounds:

Blazing Famiglia is the story of a former bike gang leader, now middle-aged with a rebellious kid, who reunites with his old friends only to rediscover the thrills of his youth.

“Blazing Famiglia” stars Yoshimi Tokui, Kento Hayashi, and Sadao Abe. Look for the film to arrive in Japanese theaters on September 8th, 2012. The trailer resides below.

Via : Asian Wiki