Intense New Trailer for Na Hong-jin’s Upcoming Thriller The Murderer

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I’d forgotten all about South Korean filmmaker Na Hong-jin’s sophomore effort “The Murderer” (aka “The Yellow Sea”) until I stumbled across the trailer over at Twitch this morning. The flick looks fantastic, and promises to deliver the sort of thrillers present in the director’s debut feature “The Chaser”, a film I was fortunate enough to catch very early last year. Since the clip provided below isn’t subtitled in English, figuring out the specifics is a little difficult. As such, a brief synopsis has been provided to help overcome the language barrier. Assuming, of course, that you don’t speak Korean.

Here you go:

On the Chinese side of the China-Russia-North Korea border, there is a region called Yanbian, Korean Autonomous Prefecture. This film tells the story of a man from this region, who embarks on an assassination mission to South Korea in order to pay off his mounting debts. He is only given $500 in advance and takes the job without knowing much about his target. However, before long a series of conspiracies and betrayals bring him to the realization that he has been tricked into entering a dangerous trap.

All set? The trailer awaits.

Author: Todd Rigney

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