Intense Trailer For Masahiro Kobayashi’s Post-Quake Drama Women on the Edge

I usually don’t go for Japanese tearjerkers; the melodrama just doesn’t agree with me, kind of like soft cheese. However, director Masahiro Kobayashi’s post-2011 earthquake drama “Women on the Edge” has struck a chord with me. The description I found for the flick described it as a “love-hate drama of three sisters who come back home after the quake”, and, I’m assuming, their ensuing emotional collapse. There’s a quirkiness to the trailer that I didn’t anticipate, though, to be fair, I can’t really tell if this supposed quirk is just my inability to properly process Japanese melodrama. If I’ve misinterpreted the embedded trailer, by all means, let me know. After all, there’s nothing worse than looking like a giant asshole.

“Women on the Edge” stars Miho Fujima, Yuko Nakamura, and Makiko Watanabe. The film is scheduled to hit select theaters in Japan on July 28th, 2012. The trailer lies below.

Via : Film Smash