Intense Trailer for the South Korean Detective Flick I Am A Dad

Don’t let that title fool you — this upcoming Korean thriller looks incredibly badass. Jeon Man-Bae’s drama might have a strange moniker, but that shouldn’t deter you from investigating this promising little flick. On the outset, it looks like your typical “desperate father will go to great lengths to save his sick daughter” yarn, but the presentation is a lot darker and much grittier than I had anticipated. Methinks I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. “I Am A Dad” opens in South Korea on April 14, 2011.

Before heading off to see the trailer, read this synopsis:

Han Jong-Sik (Kim Seung-Woo) is a corrupt cop. He also has a sick daughter named Min-Ji (Kim Se-Ron) . For Min-Ji, Jong-Sik frames innocent people and does favors for the mob. One day, organ transplant coordinator Soo-Kyung (Choi Jung-Yoon) locates a heart for Min-Ji. But the guardian for the heart is magician Na Sang-Man (Son Byung-Ho). Na Sang-Man was falsely accused of a crime by Jong-Sik and sent to prison. Meanwhile, Jong-Sik’s colleague Detective Kim (Lim Ha-Ryong) has doubts about Sang-Man’s case. Detective Kim then discovers evidence that reveals the real criminal. Jong-Sik knows by his own intuition that Sang-Man will not let the organ transplant occur. Because of this, Jong-Sik is about to hand Sang-Man over to the mob. Sang-Man is aware of Jong-Sik plans and kidnaps Min-Ji.

via Film Smash