International Character Posters for Peter Berg’s Battleship

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I don’t remember any alien spacecraft in the version of Hasbro’s “Battleship” that my parents owned when I was a kid. In fact, all I remember is that the game was a tedious bore, one that could have used some extraterrestrial peril to liven things up a bit. Director Peter Berg must have felt the same way, as his upcoming adaptation of the classic guessing game features tons of alien-oriented tomfoolery. In order to generate some excitement for the project, we now have some new character one-sheets to gawk at. Hurray for life.

Bold prediction: “Battleship” will be this year’s “Skyline”. See for yourself when the film opens on May 18th, 2012. The images you seek are just below.

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Battleship (2012) Movie International Character PosterRihanna in Battleship (2012) Movie International Character PosterAlexander Skarsgard in Battleship (2012) Movie International Character PosterLiam Neeson in Battleship (2012) Movie International Character Poster

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  • Naw786

    First of all, I agree that Battleship might be this year’s Skyline and this could be the worst thing that Liam Nesson has ever done.

    I mean he was great in Taken but not only that, he became a action hero to lots of fans when Taken was released in 2008.

    Also he in 50’s in 2008.

    The cast seems okay besides Rihanna who can’t act where Taylor Kistich, this could be his big break as a lead besides John Carter.