International Trailer for Director Andre Ovredal’s The Troll Hunter

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to watch a mockumentary about a group of students who discover that trolls are, in fact, quite real, and that the local authorities are going out of their way to hide their existence from mankind? Andre Ovredal’s “The Troll Hunter” has been doing the viral marketing thing for the past few weeks, culminating in the snazzy little trailer you see below. This, of course, should not be confused with Guillermo Del Toro’s recently-announced “Trollhunters”, which is an entirely different beast altogether. The trailer isn’t in English, mind you, nor is it subtitled, but it’s still cool enough to check out despite the possibly language barrier. If you speak Norwegian, then you’re good to go.

Two enormously misshapen thumbs up to the extremely demented souls at Bloody Disgusting for providing the embedded clip.