International Trailer For Nightmare Detective 2

NightmareDetective2If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Shinya Tsukamoto’s genre-bending 2006 chiller “Nightmare Detective,” I strongly recommend doing so as soon as possible. While it isn’t nearly as over-the-top or outrageously bizarre as his previous efforts, it’s as solid and complex as anything he’s done. The international trailer for “Nightmare Detective 2” looks as impressive as the first, if not more so. However, it would appear that your thorough appreciation for this intriguing sequel will require a working knowledge of the original feature. Since “Nightmare Detective” is now widely available on Region 1 DVD courtesy of Dimension Extreme, locating a copy shouldn’t be too difficult.

Here’s a full synopsis this highly-anticipated follow-up, courtesy of Twitch:

Kyoichi Kagenuma, the Nightmare Detective is a man cursed with the ability to enter someone else’s dreams. Yukie, a 15 year old high-school student is plagued by nightmares about a classmate and approaches Kagenuma to ask him to enter her mind and cure her of her bad dreams. Kyoichi tells her that it is too risky to enter someone’s dreams and that he has quit being a Nightmare Detective. But Yukie insists that she will die if she goes to sleep, and will not leave his side. She refuses to listen to Kyoichi and begins to explain what happened to cause her nightmares:

The whole thing started out as a prank. Yukie and her friends, Mutsumi and Akiko locked their classmate Kikukawa in an equipment room in the gym, to scare her. Though they let her out in the end, Kikukawa stopped coming to school the following day. Yukie began to have nightmares about Kikukawa. In the dream Kikukawa stood with her back to Yukie and her friends in a huge gymnasium, her hands shaking uncontrollably and exuding a nightmare menace. Yukie wanted to leave, but the only way out was past Kikukawa. Kikukawa ran towards her, suddenly turned around, and threw a cup of water at Yukie, which landed on her friend Mutsumi. When Yukie woke up in class she found that Mutsumi had died of a heart attack.

A few days after her death, Yukie has the same dream, but this time, it is her other friend, Akiko who gets the water thrown at her, and the following day, she too dies an unnatural death. Yukie is convinced that she will be the next to die. Shaking with fear, and fighting the urge to sleep, Yukie begs Kyoichi to help her. When he hears her story, he realizes that Kikukawa’s behavior reminds him of his own mother who was scared of everything and eventually committed suicide. Thinking that he may be able to get a step closer to the mystery of his mother’s death, he enters Yukie’s nightmares, to confront the very nature of fear itself.

Curious? Check out the trailer below. As of this writing, a North American DVD release date has not been set. As soon as I discover one, I’ll let you know.