International Trailer For Taken 2 Gives Bryan Mills The Chance To Do What He Does Best

Liam Neeson in Taken 2 (2012) Movie Image

“Taken” is pretty badass. And if the new international trailer for “Taken 2” is to be believed, the sequel will follow in those footsteps. It looks like Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is about to experience some fallout from the kill crazy rampage he went on in the first film. You didn’t think he could walk away scott free, did you? Now the families of all the dudes he put in the ground are out for a wee bit of vengeance.

This “Taken 2” trailer gives Mills’ the chance to do what he does best, which as we all know is kick the living crap out of anyone who messes with his family. In this go round Mills has fight his way through the streets of Istanbul to rescue Famke Janssen from Albanian gangsters led by a guy named Murad (Rade Serbedzija). Maggie Grace is also back, and also in danger again.

Remember when Liam Neeson was this serious actor who appeared in all of those prestigious, dramatic roles? Everything he was in was Oscar bait. Then all of a sudden he decided to he wanted to thrash some people and became a total badass. I’m not sure what prompted the change in direction, but I like.

“Taken 2” opens October 5th. “Colombiana” director Oliver Megaton takes ove the helm from Pierre Morel for the sequel.

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Via : MSN UK