Interrupt Black Dynamite’s Kung Fu Over and Over Again This February

BlackDynamiteFrankly, I expected Scott Sanders’ 2009 blaxploitation homage “Black Dynamite” to fail epically, much like its insanely sleazy indie counterpart “Black Devil Doll.” To my overwrought, unbridled surprise, the film was everything I’d hoped it would be, delivering an insane amount of humor while dishing out action sequences culled from an assortment of like-minded motion pictures. For those who missed the film during its scattered theatrical run and don’t have the criminal inclination to download the copy currently floating around torrent sites at this very moment, “Black Dynamite” will violently karate chop both DVD and Blu-Ray on February 16th. Each format will include deleted and extended scenes, a few snazzy featurettes, and a cast and crew commentary. The Blu-Ray, of course, will have a few extras to sweeten your conversion to the new format. If you make only one blind buy purchase next year, this should be it. You dig? I think you do.

In the meantime, enjoy the clip below.