Into the Blue 2: The Reef DVD Cover art and Specs

Hot chicks in bikinis hanging around hot dudes in swimming trunks. That’s pretty much all you need to know about “Into the Blue 2: The Reef”, based on, of course, the cinematic genius that was “Into the Blue” with Jessica Alba and Paul Walker. If there ever was a movie that demanded a sequel, that was it. Full (albeit very limited) DVD specs, cover art, and images from “The Reef” after the jump. Come on, you know you wanna look.

Ride the wave of extreme ocean adventure as Into the Blue 2: The Reef tells the white-knuckle tale of scuba divers Sebastion (Chris Carmack) and Dani (Laura Vandervoort), a sexy couple thrown into precarious waters when they are promised big money in exchange for leading dives along a treacherous Hawaiian reef. At the hands of dubious clients, the young couple is plunged into danger and an ultimate test of their diving skills, as well as their love, strength –and will to live.


The scuba diving, treasure hunting thriller Into The Blue 2: The Reef premieres on DVD April 21 from MGM Home Entertainment. Two young scuba divers, Sebastion (Chris Carmack; “The O.C.”) and his girlfriend Dani (Laura Vandervoort; The Lookout, “Smallville”), run a small scuba business in Hawaii and often look for sunken treasure that would allow them to live on any beach in the world for the rest of their lives. After years of searching, they begin to think of the treasure as nothing more than wet sand until they meet a wealthy vacationing couple – Azra (Marsha Thomason; “Lost,” “Las Vegas”) and Carlton (David Anders; “Heroes,” “Alias”) – who are willing to invest in the legend. Azra and Carlton generously share their opulent lifestyle with the beach couple, who in turn introduce them to Hawaii’s best diving and nightlife. However, when Dani and Sebastion turn up relics that may be from the treasure, the barnacle-covered gold also uncovers the truth about their new friends. As Dani and Sebastion dive deeper into the ocean and further into their lies, they discover there’s more to fear in the water than sharks and sting rays—and the most dangerous creatures of all may be the ones they brought with them on the boat.

The Into The Blue 2: The Reef DVD is unrated and includes two featurettes, “All Wet” and “Run for Your Life” and a “Back To The Beach” music video, and will be available for the suggested retail price of $26.98 U.S. / $37.98 Canada. Prebook is March 25.

Special Features

The Into The Blue 2: The Reef DVD is presented in widescreen with English Dolby Surround 5.1 sound. Bonus content includes:
• “All Wet” Featurette
• “Run For Your Life” Featurette
• “Back To The Beach” Music Video

Laura Vandervoort… Dani
Marsha Thomason… AzraAudrina Patridge… Kelsey
David Anders
Chris Carmack… Sebastion
Mircea Monroe… Kimi
Mark Kubr… Milos
Rand Holdren… Avery
Kamakani De Dely… Eric

Director: Stephen Herek