Ip Man 2 Teaser Trailer Lacks Donnie Yen Punching People in the Face Really Fast Goodness

Having successfully beaten the tar out of every Japanese soldier and Chinese criminal scumbag types in the first movie, Ip Man returns to take on Sammo Hung and, one presumes, more evildoers of various tripes. Check out a teaser trailer for the upcoming “Ip Man 2” (via YouTube), with original star Yen returning in the role of Ip Man, the guy who would go on to train some dude name Bruce Lee. You might have heard of him. No fast-punching in the teaser, it’s more of a re-introduction to the Zen-like qualities of our hero. I look forward to really fast face-punching action in future trailers.

According to IMDB, the sequel will focus on “Ip Man’s migration to Hong Kong in 1949 as he attempts to propagate his discipline of Wing Chun martial arts”. Wow, that sounds almost dirty.

Starring Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Darren Shahlavi, Siu-Wong Fan, Ka Tung Lam, Lynn Hun, and directed by Wilson Yip, aka the guy who holds the camera until Donnie Yen can show up onscreen to do the real heavy lifting.

Hong Kong and parts of Asia gets the film first in the Summer. Thanks to reader Bill for the heads up.