Iron Man 2 Easter Egg Revealed?

Remember that Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury easter egg at the end of the first “Iron Man”? Well word is Jon Favreau has plans for something similar in the sequel, and like in the first, this easter egg will show up once the credits have rolled. Yes, that means you’ll have to sit there like a big dummy watching a seemingly neverending series of names before you can ooh and ahh over what will probably be a 30-second long convo between two actors, something you could have just waited to see on YouTube the day the film opens anyway.

So what’s this easter egg? It’s very much in line with the first one, according to BadTaste (via Collider):

A 100% trusted source (NOT from the production/distribution, but very familiar with the movie) confirmed us today that there will be an easter egg in IM2. It’s an extra scene, just like the one in the first movie, after the end credits. We are able to tell you what’s about! It’s a scene about… Captain America and Thor! Maybe this doesn’t seem a big reveal, but it’s nice to have a confirmation.

Now notice that the site says “It’s a scene about … Captain America and Thor”. It doesn’t actually say it’s a scene with Cap and Thor. My guess? Nick Fury and Iron Man will be having a chat about the two superheroes mentioned.

Of course, Marvel could surprise us and have Chris Hemsworth show up as Thor and Chris Evans as Captain America. The former seems more likely, since Hemsworth is already shooting “Thor”, while Evans has yet to suit up for Cap.

It could very well be a scene like this one…