Iron Man 2 Set Pic

You want “Iron Man 2” pics? You got it. Well, you got one “Iron Man 2” pic, courtesy of director Jon Favreau, who twittered a pic from the set of “Iron Man 2”. Favreau is the guy on the left and Matthew Libatique, the sequel’s cinematographer is on the right. The pic was taken from the interior of Tony Stark’s mansion, apparently undergoing some remodeling. It’s good to be a playboy billionaire industrialist, I guess.

As you’ll recall, at the end of “Iron Man”, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) had revealed the secret that he’s also Iron Man to the world, which now leaves him vulnerable to attacks by enemies. Word is, the sequel will involve a new, armor-powered villain, and a certain dalliance with the bottle. Ol Tony Stark’s got a bit of an alki in him, in case you’ve never read the comics.

The man and his iron mask returns May 7, 2010. Until then, please enjoy this very stimulating picture of two guys standing around a big white room. Oh, to work in Hollywood…