Iron Man 2 Set Pictures

Looks like Jon Favreau’s “Iron Man 2” has commenced shooting, as these set pictures of Robert Downey Jr. chomping on a cigar and Gwyneth Paltrow being driven around will clearly attest. I wonder what RDJ is carrying around. Looks like a really big Iron Man-esque secret is hidden in that suitcase. Then again, maybe he keeps his extra cigars in there. You can never tell with ol Tony Stark, he’s mysterious that way.

RDJ has promised that “Iron Man 2” will have twice the action, but also more character development. The movie will not revolve around the popular comic book storyline “Demon in a Bottle”, and will feature villains Sam Rockwell as an evil industrialist (is there any other kind?) and Mickey Rourke as a badass armored villain who may or may not be the Crimson Dynamo.

In other “Iron Man 2” news, former Rhodey Terrence Howard (who has since been replaced by Don Cheadle) told SciFiWire this about losing the role:

Iron Man happened with that. Marvel happened with it. They made a choice. They made a very, very bad choice. They didn’t keep their word. They didn’t honor our contract. They sent everyone out into a field and told them to work and produce a great bounty. You produce a great bounty, and then when it’s all in the storehouse, you are not allowed into the storehouse… They did the same thing with Gwyneth [Paltrow], from what I’ve been told. They did it with almost everyone, I think, except Downey throughout the thing. One of the things that actors need to learn to do is take a tip from Friends [whose cast members all held out for higher pay]. You always choose to stick together. One for all and all for one. Our Gang, you know? Let Spanky be our rule.

Yup, Terrence doesn’t sound bitter at all.

More pics from the set over at JustJared and SpoilerTV.