Iron Man 3 Armor Wars News and SPOILERS

March 47 Armor in Iron Man 3So what’s going on with “Iron Man 3”? Well, we know it’s currently shooting in North Carolina (because where else would you shoot a high-tech comic book superhero thriller?) under the direction of “Lethal Weapon’s” Shane Black, and that, like the previous two movies, it’s likely ol Shellhead will be sporting a couple of new looks. Or, if this report from Latino-Review is to be believed, lots of new looks. It goes without saying…


According to LR, at one point in “Iron Man 3”, you will be seeing the armored Avenger’s latest ride, the Mark XLVII. In case you’re not familiar with Roman numerals, that’s the Mark 47.

So when will we see it?

The Extremis-enhanced bad guys under direction of Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin villain are going to be too much for Tony to handle on his own, so he thinks ahead, thinks big and has a plan. Tony’s about to go out and fight some bad guys when he mentions the Mark XLVII to Pepper Potts. Pepper asks what happened to the other forty and Tony just smiles.

From the cockpit of Mark XLVII Tony is able to control multiple armors in battle. We over here at LR have been vaguely aware of an action scene where Tony was going to control multiple Iron Man suits (presumably they look similar to distract his enemies as to the location of kill-able Iron Man Prime), but the number 40 seems…awesome. 40 Iron Men.

Awesome, indeed. If, you know, true. (Then again, LR has been spot on for Marvel news, so I don’t doubt this for one minute.)

Also, LR, has Chinese actor Wang Xueqi (below) playing Chen Lu, who in the comics is a Chinese scientist who develops super powers when an experiment goes awry, turning him into the “Marvel 616 Universe version of Radioactive Man”. With so many bad guys in this thing already, Lu might just show up for a line in the background or two.

Wang Xueqi