Iron Man 3 Funko Pop! Bobbleheads

I used to see these Funko Pop! bobbleheads at my local Fry’s. It’s hard not to notice them when you walk by. I mean, look at them. They’re like a deadly combination of uber cuteness and geeky coolness. How could you possibly not give these a second look?

In the near future, Funko Pop! has some “Iron Man 3” bobbleheads coming out, probably scheduled to coincide with the Marvel Studios movie. Check out your first look at Iron Man and his buddy The Iron Patriot from the upcoming Shane Black sequel.

Funko Pop! also released “Avengers” bobbleheads when the Joss Whedon movie opened earlier. Who knew Nick Fury could be so cute?

No idea when you can grab these, but check your local Funko Pop! retailers if you’re interested. For those who have never bought one, these things usually go for around $10 retail.

Iron Man 3 Funko Pop Figure

Iron Man 3 Funko Pop Figure

Via : Funko Fanatic