Iron Man 3 to Shoot in North Carolina in 2012

The Avengers Portrait - Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron ManFresh off “The Avengers”, Robert Downey Jr. will be suiting up for “Iron Man 3” pretty soon in Wilmington, North Carolina, because what screams high-tech superhero than … North Carolina? (No offense to North Carolinians, of course.)

Pre-production on the Marvel Studios sequel is expected to gear up very soon with Shane Black directing (from his own script) and Downey Jr. back as Tony Stark, vain billionaire playboy by day and armored superhero by, er, day, too, I guess, since Iron Man really doesn’t have a secret identity.

The shoot is expected to last a whopping 10 months, which seems awfully long, though they could just be including pre-production as well.

Besides the fact that RDJ will be back, it’s a mystery what “Iron Man 3” will hold for the armored Avenger. He could battle another lame villain like Whiplash, or he might finally end up fighting the Mandarin. Then again, Black has said previously that he wants “Iron Man 3” to be more in the vein of a “Tom Clancy thriller”, with Iron Man battling “real-world villains” and not just another guy in an armored suit ala the last two films.

We shall see how ol Shellhead progresses as he heads into movie #3.

Iron Man Comic Book Cover

Via : EW