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The Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie EW Cover

Ultron is coming in 2015 when Joss Whedon’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” battles its way to the big screen and, likely, collect the five or so billion dollars it’s owed on its way to becoming the biggest movie in the known universe. Possibly bigger than “Avatar.” Then again, it’s entirely possible I’m overselling the movie.

In any case, check out your official-ish first look at “Avengers: Age of Ultron” on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, featuring Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’ Captain America with their new BFF Ultron and his army of Ultron robots.

We also get much more on the film’s plot, including Tony Stark’s role in the creation of Ultron (who was originally created by Ant-Man in the comics):

For better or worse (trust us, it’s worse), his Tony Stark has devised a plan that won’t require him to put on the Iron Man suit anymore, and should allow Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the Hulk to get some much needed R&R as well. His solution is Ultron, self-aware, self-teaching, artificial intelligence designed to help assess threats, and direct Stark’s Iron Legion of drones to battle evildoers instead.

The only problem? Ultron (played by James Spader through performance-capture technology) lacks the human touch, and his superior intellect quickly determines that life on Earth would go a lot smoother if he just got rid of Public Enemy No. 1: Human beings. “Ultron sees the big picture and he goes, ‘Okay, we need radical change, which will be violent and appalling, in order to make everything better’; he’s not just going ‘Muhaha, soon I’ll rule!’” Whedon says, rubbing his hands together.

“He’s on a mission,” the filmmaker adds, and smiles thinly. “He wants to save us.”

Stark, Rogers, Thor, and their Avengers ally re-assemble in 2015.

EW has added stills from the movie:

Aaron Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen in The Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie Image

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth in The Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie Image

Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle in The Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie Image

Elizabeth Olsen, Joss Whedon, and Jeremy Renner on the set of The Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie Image

The Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie Image

Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie Image

Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. in The Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie Image

Jeremy Renner in The Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie Image

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  • WildBullagow

    WOW! I am so excited for this I am literally smiling while I am typing this.

  • Dedpool

    ULTRON LOOKS AMAZING!! Love Cap’s new suit. The mix of the classic WWII era, Modern Avengers, and the SHIELD uniform is awesome. The synopsis sounds good too. Kinda like what was done in the Marvel Adventures comic but instead of the Government creating Ultron it was Stark (which happened in the animated flick “Next Avengers.” It also makes him gaining an army of Ultron drones easier since he can just re-make the armors in his image

  • Lexavi80

    I freaking love the photo of the Avengers chilling and having a few beers. And War Machine is there too!! Also the pic of the customs, and Hawkeye’s new look.

    I’m excited for this, but first I need me some Guardians of the Galaxy first!!!

    Marvel, I just love you so much!

    • Dedpool

      That’s Iron Patriot to you sir! the name tested better. LOL I love Cap’s new uniform as well as Hawkeye’s.

    • Dedpool

      And I love the pic of them chilling at Avengers tower too!!!

  • mona yuuki

    I get to see more of Thor!! Like OMG I can’t wait .

  • sin isfree

    they have Tony Stark as BFF, why not ask him to create a “Iron man suit” for those that has no super powers = black widow, that lame archer etc ?!

    • Dedpool

      Because the suits would slow down the abilities and agility of Black Widow and Hawkeye aka that lame archer.

  • Juggernaut

    Ultron looks great! Can’t wait for next week to get a look at the comic con footage!!! Still not sold on Quicksilver ‘s look but hopefully he’s done well. Love Cap’s new uniform.

    • Dedpool

      Only thing that bothers me about Quicksilver’s look is the facial hair. It just looks off.

      • Juggernaut

        Yep the facial hair has to go! Hopefully this is right after he is released from the Hydra cell and isn’t his and Scarlet Witch’s finished look. I’d really like to see the version that they had of him in the concept art with the shorter, slick back hair. That was perfect except in those pics he was sporting Johnson’s natural brown color.

        • Dedpool

          Don’t think it was slicked back but flowing in the wind.

          • Aegon the Conqueror

            Aaron Johnson has to make one hell of an impression in order to one up Quicksilver from X-Men.

          • Dedpool

            See I agree, but he’s going to be tonally a different character. So we’ll have to see.

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    OMW that Cap Suit! It’s freakin perfect! I hated his previous Avengers pj suit so much, but this!!!!

    • Dedpool

      I liked it somewhat (was to light in color, but definitely had the right look), but the Winter Soldier suit was perfect design wise. From the color, to the material, to how it moved. This new suit is pretty much everything that was good about all 3 mashed up.

  • jkgeezy

    The Entertainment cover pic reminds me of Iron Man 3. A bunch of drone machines attacking only this time Stark doesn’t have control….Yawn! I want one Ultron not 20 copycats as well.

    • Aegon the Conqueror

      Well they have to have something to do for the non superpowered individuals of the team.

    • Dedpool

      And that’s Ultron’s MO. he’s done this before.