Iron Man and The Hulk Movies to Cross-Over

I’m so loving what Marvel is doing with their comic book franchises. The best news I’ve heard all year is that Jon Favreau’s “Iron Man” movie and Louis Leterrier’s “The Hulk” reboot will actually exist within the same cinematic universe, which means characters from the two films will have the opportunity to “cross-over” into the other movie.

William Hurt, who takes over General Ross in “Hulk”, told MTV this:

For those who haven’t heard the news, superhero house Marvel Comics is aggressively cross-pollinating its superheroes, most likely in preparation for an eventual “Avengers” movie. That means Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury will make a cameo appearance in May 2’s “Iron Man,” and ol’ metalhead himself will drop into “Hulk.” Little has been said about the scene — until now.

“I don’t know how it’ll work,” Hurt admitted, saying it was a thrill to appear as General Thaddeus Ross during Downey’s scene. “I know it’s weird [to work with a character from another movie], and to know it’s a device. We did something; I don’t know what that’s going to be like [to watch].”

He goes on to talk about acting in the movie, which if you’re interested, you can read in its entirety here.

So what does this mean for “The Avengers” movie? It’s gonna happen, it would appear, and God help us, let it be spared the near Godawfulness that has been the “Justice League” movie…

Iron Man and The Hulk Movies to Cross-Over