Iron Man Behind the Scenes Video

Not a whole lot is known about the “Iron Man” movie premise, and in truth, I have no idea why they’re trying to hide it so much. This is one of those things I never get about movie studios. When you’re making a movie that is geek-proof like “Iron Man”, shouldn’t you tell them as much as you can about your movie? Anyways, whatever. Here’s an Entertainment Tonight clip from behind-the-scenes of “Iron Man”, showing off some (if I had to guess) Afghanistan or Iraq-set scenes where (again, if I had to guess) Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) gets injured and has to don the Iron Man armor to save his life. Terrence Howard, who will be playing Stark’s best friend, is also there to shoot off a big ass gun.

The film is still a long way off, with a May 2, 2008 release date, which means it’s still a FULL year away.