Iron Man Deleted Scenes

Remember when you had to buy the DVD to get the movie’s deleted scenes? Not so much anymore. Now the studios are putting out the deleted scenes as freebies to get people interested. Either that, or some intrepid fellow put these up on his own accord. Either/or. The “Iron Man” DVD (standard and Blu-Ray) has been out since September 30, where you can get all the deleted scenes from the movie and, no doubt, a ton of other extras. But for those who haven’t gotten their hands on the DVD yet, here are some of the deleted scenes. I’m sure there’s more on the DVD.

You can sort of see why most of them were taken out; they add a lot to the movie, character-wise, but they would probably kill the pacing, especially for a Summer Event Film, which simply has to move, move, MOVE or lose the audience.

Iron Man Extended Scene – Fun on the Plane

Iron Man Deleted Scene – Tony Comes Home

Iron Man Deleted Scene – Pepper and Tony in Dubai