Iron Man, Shutter Island, and Last Airbender Trailers on Superbowl Sunday

As a movie and sports fan, Superbowl Sunday is a double whammy of fun for me. I get to watch the biggest game of the year, and when the commercials come on, I get to see $3 million dollar movie trailers from the studios. That’s how much a 30-second spot in this year’s Superbowl is going for, and studios like Paramount, Disney and Universal have all ponied up the cash to show off their 2009 wares.

According to Variety, Superbowl Sunday will see Paramount showing off the latest trailers for “Shutter Island,” “Iron Man 2” and “The Last Airbender”. Disney and Universal aren’t talking about their films, but speculation has Disney hyping “Toy Story 3”, “Alice in Wonderland”, and “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”. Universal, meanwhile, is expected to promote “The Wolfman” and “Robin Hood”.

Also expect ads for the Jennifer Aniston romantic-action movie “The Bounty Hunter” from Sony and “The Crazies” from Overture Films.

And of course, besides the movie ads, there are also all the other ads — around 60 for this year. I hear Danica Patrick (below) has a new GoDaddy ad to show off. You might, uh, wanna stay tune for that one, too.