Ironclad Sequel Ironclad: Battle for Blood Sells at Cannes

Jason Flemyng in Ironclad (2011) Movie Image

Well this is a surprise. I didn’t even know they were making a sequel to the 2011 medieval siege film “Ironclad” starring James Purefoy (“The Following”) and Kate Mara. But they are, and Jonathan English, who co-wrote/directed the first film, is doing the honors again for the sequel, “Ironclad: Battle for Blood”.

“Battle for Blood” will star “Game of Thrones” alums Michelle Fairly and Roxanne McKee, with Danny Webb:

IRONCLAD: BATTLE FOR BLOOD is a hellacious ride featuring the ultra-violent medieval action that has characterized this epic series. With a new battleground and a new enemy, one of the few survivors of the Great Siege of Rochester Castle fights a brutal battle to protect his family’s estate from fierce Celtic raiders. IRONCLAD: BATTLE FOR BLOOD promises to deliver the same ferocious, adrenaline-filled action and gory kills that defined IRONCLAD.

That synopsis doesn’t exactly say who the “survivor” from the first movie is that takes center stage in the sequel. Cast listings for the film doesn’t include Purefoy or Mara, and Webb is playing a character name “Mr. Smith”. I don’t recall a “Mr. Smith” in the first movie.

In any case, “Ironclad: Battle for Blood” is currently selling in Cannes and is in post-production. You should look for it sometime later this year, if you’re inclined.

Here’s a look at the Red Band trailer for the first movie: