Is a Bourne 4 Possible? Maybe.

I’ve made no secret that, while I don’t particularly dislike the Bourne movies, I do think they should never have kept Robert Ludlum’s name attached to the project. They should have just called it “Guy Loses Memory, Kills People” or whatever, because the franchise has diverged so far away from Ludlum’s books that it’s a slap in the face of all of the Bourne readers (guys like me, who learned to appreciate reading because of Bourne’s adventures) that they continue to keep naming the sequels according to the Bourne book titles. In any case, people apparently love this stuff, so what about a Bourne 4?

Producer Frank Marshall told Comingsoon this:

While we were talking to Mr. Marshall about The Bourne Ultimatum, we wondered whether there was any serious possibility about a fourth movie, after Matt Damon has told reporters in recent months that he’s reticent about returning. “There were only three books written. I know they’ve written a fourth but it wasn’t written by Ludlum,” Marshall said. “Look, we would love to continue the franchise. We just need a great story, and we’re not going to do it unless we have a great story, but we are working on coming up with one, and Matt said to me, ‘Look, you hand me a great script, I’m in.’ Unfortunately, we’re not able to do any writing at the moment, but we’re all thinking about it.”

That makes me laugh. He’s reticent because Ludlum never wrote a fourth book? Marshall, my friend, you never followed the Bourne books after the first 30 minutes of “The Bourne Identity” anyway! What’s stopping you from continuing the Bourne movies? The last two had NOTHING to do with the books! You just kept the titles!

Sigh. Whatever, Hollywood.