Is a G.I. Joe Movie On the Way?

Hopefully. I’ve always liked the Joes. Okay, that’s not quite true. There have always been only two characters that I really care for — Joe ninja Snake Eyes and his nemesis, the Cobra ninja Storm Shadow. Maybe it’s the whole ninja motif that got me all excited when I was a kid, but I loved seeing these two in action, especially against each other. Ninja-versus-ninja, what could be better? Apparently I wasn’t the only one, as if memory serves, these two are easily the most popular characters in the whole show. I think they even had their own comic books and statues and whatnot. Anyways, is a “G.I. Joe” movie on the horizon?

Variety thinks so, in this article about the toy company Hasbro, which owns G.I. Joe, dumping CAA for William Morris:

William Morris will work on contemporizing Hasbro’s brands, which include Monopoly, Ouija, Candy Land, Clue and Trivial Pursuit, and turn them into movies, TV shows or videogames.

The agency’s already started packaging its writer, director and producer clients with Hasbro’s brands.

“Our focus is on creating immersive brand experiences for Hasbro’s brands,” said Brian Goldner, the toymaker’s chief operating officer, who is also an exec producer on “Transformers.” “We felt our partnership with William Morris would enable us to activate our brands in the right entertainment forms and create those experiences over time.”

In one of William Morris’ initial moves with regard to the new relationship, it reupped Hasbro’s deal with Paramount Pictures to turn “G.I. Joe” into a live-action feature with Lorenzo di Bonaventura to produce.

So there you go. If Variety says it’s likely to happen, chances are it’s likely to happen.

Go Joe! Or, actually, just Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes would be cool enough. I mean, how cool looking are these guys? Don’t they just bring out the kid geek in you?

Storm Shadow vs Snake Eyes