Is a Poltergeist Remake/Reboot On the Horizon?

They’re baaaaaaaaack. Is MGM planning to either remake/reboot or do another sequel to the popular horror franchise “Poltergeist”? The better question is, with all the unnecessary remakes of horror films from the ’70s and ’80s, why wouldn’t MGM dust off “Poltergeist” for a reboot? Well that’s the rumor from some guy with a website who e-mailed the head of MGM, and shockingly got a response that seems to indicate that Yes, MGM is planning on a “Poltergeist” reboot — of sorts. Maybe.

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Mary Parent, who was recently named by MGM as the Chairperson of the Worldwide Motion Picture Group at the studio, gave me an interesting tidbit of info over the weekend. Was she referring to the rumored remake?

Here’s my original email to her on March 15th:

Hi Mary, Congratulations on your new position with MGM! I run a fan web site dedicated to MGM’s “Poltergeist” franchise. I’d heard that there were plans for either a new sequel or a remake…do you know if this is still the plan? As a huge fan, I was hoping to see a new sequel. Thanks for any information you may be able to provide. Regards, David Furtney

And here’s what she wrote back yesterday (emphasis mine):

Hey David- Thanks for the email. Not quite two weeks into the new post so I don’t have a specific update but hopefully going forward there will be more to talk about. In the meantime, thanks for your enthusiasm.

Not being all that big a fan of the “Poltergeist” movie, all I remember from it is the family being sucked into a giant swimming pool in their backyard and the freaky kid with the blonde hair disappearing into the TV.

And again, considering that they’re remaking pretty much everything and anything nowadays, it stands to reason that “Poltergeist”, being a known property, would also be on the chopping black. They would almost be foolish not to, if you think about it.

Poltergeist Remake?