Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Joining the Toxic Avenger Remake?

The Toxic Avenger

The idea of making the cult Troma classic “The Toxic Avenger” into a family-friendly action flick sounds like the worst idea in the history of cinema. I understand that Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz love money, but this is borderline sacrilege. I can’t see anything good coming of this project, but it should be entertaining to see how they transform the story into something kids can enjoy. And before you drag me across the coals, yes, I’m aware of the cartoon. Ugh.

Word on the street is that Arnold Schwarzenegger is signing on for the upcoming “Toxic Avenger” remake. However, he’s not going to be playing the titular hero. So who will the aging action star portray in the film? According to Deadline, the action hero will play “The Exterminator,” an ex-military type who helps Toxie harness his powers for the greater good. At least the original film’s cornball sense of humor seems to be in full effect.

“Hot Tub Time Machine” director Steve Pink will direct the remake for Akiva Goldsman, Richard Saperstein, Charlie Corwin, Stephen Kessler, and Michael Benaroya. Kaufman and Herz will serve as executive producers on the flick. Principal photography is expected to begin at some point this fall. Chances are this thing will arrive in theaters next year.

While you’re waiting to see if Arnold Schwarzenegger brings any sort of credibility to the “Toxic Avenger” remake, you can check out the original film in its entirety below. The folks at Troma will probably remove the clip before too long, so be sure to enjoy it while you can. If you’re offended by boobs, blood, and bad language, then I would suggest skipping this one altogether.

The Toxic Avenger (1984) Movie Poster

Via : Deadline