Is Brett Ratner the Next Uwe Boll? Directing God of War?

I swear, I haven’t seen this much hate directed at one man since, well, Uwe Boll came onto the scene. Fanboys really, really, REALLY don’t like Brett Ratner. I don’t know why myself; sure, he’s a middling filmmaker, and like Paul W.S. Anderson, he usually turns what should have been an epic movie into an “Eh” film. But really, is that enough to hate the man with such a passion? If not, then maybe this will be: Brett Ratner is currently making noise about directing the “God of War” movie, based on the popular game of the same name, and he’s officially bragging about “doing movies that come from videogames”.

Film Junk has this news about Ratner and “God of War”:

Now, Advertising Age also has a longer write-up on [Brett Ratner’s] new branding consultancy business (which in itself is pretty amusing and definitely worth a read). However, at the tail end of the article, they drop this juicy little tidbit: “He also mentioned that he might be working on a movie adaptation of the video game God of War.”

Obviously the operative word there is “might”, as in, he could probably just be floating the idea around to see how people react.

In any case, there’s this from Joystiq, concerning Ratner’s newfound love affair for videogames and movies based on videogames:

Ratner’s new branding company has tasked itself with melding popular culture and marketing.

Ratner’s gaming connections won’t end with plastic guitars though: The director says he’ll “be doing movies that come from videogames,” specifically citing his access to the Activision brain trust.

Uh oh, Uwe. Looks like you’re about to get company there, chief.

But of course, Ratner won’t be completely diving into videogames very soon; he’s got “Beverly Hills Cop 4” with Eddie Murphy coming out in 2010.

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