CONFIRMED: Bryan Singer is Directing X-Men: First Class

Oh, who knows. He may be, or he may not be. That’s the state of movie news when it originates from blogs nowadays. Depending on who you get the news from, it’s either total bullshit just to mess with you, total made-up bullshit to generate undeserved traffic, or it’s pretty solid, which only a few sites can lay claim to, and we know who those sites are. The people floating this particular news? Some site I’ve never heard of called Flickcharts? Not one of those sites. So the question: is Bryan Singer returning to the mutant world by helming an “X-Men” prequel, aka “X-Men: First Class”? It’s possible. Singer has already said that he would love to return to the franchise, and fanboys are anxious for him to return. UPDATE: Via the video below, you can see Singer confirming that he will be directing “X-Men: First Class” for yourself.

SuperheroHype breaks down the news for us:

James Cameron’s Avatar is having its premiere in Los Angeles tonight, and MySpace has a television crew on-hand at the “blue carpet” to interview arrivals. One of the people on hand was director Bryan Singer, who directed X-Men and X2: X-Men United for Avatar distributor 20th Century Fox at the start of the decade. In recent interviews, Singer has been asked about possibly directing the planned prequel X-Men: First Class, and he always seemed interested but earlier this evening, he let slip that he has in fact just signed the deal with Fox to direct the next “Origins” film, which will reportedly look at the early days of Cyclops, Jean Grey and others at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.

So there you have it. I don’t know if Singer would be that cavalier about such a big update on a franchise that so many fanboys (and guys in suits who count money) care about, so judge for yourself.

What I do like, though, is the rumor that “First Class” won’t be following young new mutants (aka “X-Men 90210”), but instead the same X-Men we’ve already known — Jean Grey, Cyclops, et al — but just earlier in their careers. That could be interesting.