Is Captain America in The Incredible Hulk?

Is this possible? Could Marvel actually be giving us not one, but two amazing cameos in “The Incredible Hulk”? First Tony Stark makes an appearance, and now … Captain America in living person? Maybe, according to “Hulk” director Louis Leterrier (pictured, left), who drops the hint about 3 minutes into this 6 minute interview with G4’s Attack of the Show. Well, it’s not really a hint. He sort of comes right and tells us that Captain America may be making an appearance, in person, in “Hulk”.

Quoting Louis Leterrier:

Did you know that in “Iron Man” there’s the Captain America shield somewhere … well in “Hulk” you might see Captain America himself.


Also, Brownie props to Louis Leterrier for not rising to the host’s going-with-the-wind bashing of Ang Lee’s “Hulk”. Then later, when Louis Leterrier mentions that Captain America may be in the movie, the host responds with a, “Ah, very nice,” and moves right along without following up on it! Wow, way to go, lame host guy.

In any case, see the G4 interview with Louis Leterrier yourself below: