Is Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan Re-Teaming for Justice League?

Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan on the set of The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Image

The cool kids at Latino-Review, as they are wont to do, claims to have nabbed another major comic book movie scoop — and this time it’s not Marvel, but D.C./Warner Bros.

You can watch LR’s video that breaks down their scoop below, but for those of you who’d rather read the bullet points, here are the big highlights:

Justice League Comic Book– As previously reported in various outlets, Warner Bros. has a lot riding on Zack Snyder’s upcoming “Man of Steel”, their Superman reboot. The success of “Man of Steel” will likely dictate how quickly the studio moves on “Justice League”. Despite a 2015 release date penned in, the studio has been relatively slow in getting anything moving on the film in terms of casting and director, and we’ve even heard that they’ve gone back to square one with the script.

– Christopher Nolan, who has been “Godfathering” (aka producing) Snyder’s “Man of Steel”, is said to have just been handed Warner Bros./D.C.’s superhero line-up, and that all future superhero projects from the studio will now “go through him”. Fanboys will no doubt love this, but I have a bit of trouble believing Nolan would commit so much resources and energy to, essentially, one project (even if said project involves multiple movies, characters, etc — at the end of the day, it’s still one genre). He’s never shown a desire to stick to one thing, and if his past projects have proven anything, he likes to explore other avenues of cinema. But hey, wouldn’t it be cool if this was true?

– And probably the biggie — Christian Bale, Batman himself, would return as Bats in a “Justice League” movie that would also feature Henry Cavill as Superman. Bale’s involvement, of course, is almost entirely contingent on the second bullet point concerning Nolan being true. If Warner Bros. has indeed handed over their entire superhero line-up to Nolan, then I don’t see Bale saying No to a call from his buddy Christopher. As well, an older, wiser Batman mentoring a younger Superman, along with the rest of the Justice Leaguers, would actually work quite well. I’ve always had a problem with the canceled “Justice League” movie that George Miller was supposed to direct because of their insistence on making Bats young and in his ’20s again, but maybe that’s just me.

– Smaller tidbits: Snyder might even produce and possibly direct “Justice League”, and David Goyer, who co-wrote the Batman films with Nolan (and co-wrote “Man of Steel”), may also join “Justice League” as well.

So what do you think? Nolan and Bale re-teaming yet again for a fourth Bats story, this time alongside Snyder’s Superman Henry Cavill? It’s certainly a fanboy’s wet dream come true, especially if “Man of Steel” is the hit of the year that Warner Bros. hopes it is.