Is Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan Re-Teaming for Justice League?


Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan on the set of The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Image

The cool kids at Latino-Review, as they are wont to do, claims to have nabbed another major comic book movie scoop — and this time it’s not Marvel, but D.C./Warner Bros.

You can watch LR’s video that breaks down their scoop below, but for those of you who’d rather read the bullet points, here are the big highlights:

Justice League Comic Book- As previously reported in various outlets, Warner Bros. has a lot riding on Zack Snyder’s upcoming “Man of Steel”, their Superman reboot. The success of “Man of Steel” will likely dictate how quickly the studio moves on “Justice League”. Despite a 2015 release date penned in, the studio has been relatively slow in getting anything moving on the film in terms of casting and director, and we’ve even heard that they’ve gone back to square one with the script.

– Christopher Nolan, who has been “Godfathering” (aka producing) Snyder’s “Man of Steel”, is said to have just been handed Warner Bros./D.C.’s superhero line-up, and that all future superhero projects from the studio will now “go through him”. Fanboys will no doubt love this, but I have a bit of trouble believing Nolan would commit so much resources and energy to, essentially, one project (even if said project involves multiple movies, characters, etc — at the end of the day, it’s still one genre). He’s never shown a desire to stick to one thing, and if his past projects have proven anything, he likes to explore other avenues of cinema. But hey, wouldn’t it be cool if this was true?

– And probably the biggie — Christian Bale, Batman himself, would return as Bats in a “Justice League” movie that would also feature Henry Cavill as Superman. Bale’s involvement, of course, is almost entirely contingent on the second bullet point concerning Nolan being true. If Warner Bros. has indeed handed over their entire superhero line-up to Nolan, then I don’t see Bale saying No to a call from his buddy Christopher. As well, an older, wiser Batman mentoring a younger Superman, along with the rest of the Justice Leaguers, would actually work quite well. I’ve always had a problem with the canceled “Justice League” movie that George Miller was supposed to direct because of their insistence on making Bats young and in his ’20s again, but maybe that’s just me.

– Smaller tidbits: Snyder might even produce and possibly direct “Justice League”, and David Goyer, who co-wrote the Batman films with Nolan (and co-wrote “Man of Steel”), may also join “Justice League” as well.

So what do you think? Nolan and Bale re-teaming yet again for a fourth Bats story, this time alongside Snyder’s Superman Henry Cavill? It’s certainly a fanboy’s wet dream come true, especially if “Man of Steel” is the hit of the year that Warner Bros. hopes it is.

Author: Nix

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  • Lexavi80

    Not going to happen.

  • Juggernaut

    I have to admit this would be really amazing! One of the major stumbling blocks for the JL film has been the fact that, besides Cavill as Superman, the rest of the line-up, including Batman, would need to be recast. However, with this news, a cohesive DC universe may actually be attainable. With either Nolan or Snyder directing the JL movie, Bale retur ning as Batman, Cavill once again donning the red and blue and having Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern despite the lackluster performance of the first GL film this could be really cool to see. Add in a few more upper echelon stars to round out the cast and they could be on par with The Avengers in 2015.

    • Dedpool

      I’m fine with Cavil and Reynolds, but as much as I like Bale, well see my above comment. Unless runnin with the Justice League is what Batman was up to during those 8 years and that’s what got him so injured. But even THAT is a stretch. Having him come back to the suit would make the ending of Rises worthless.

  • 0ptik

    I dont like the Batman news cause to me, the Batman in the nolan-verse was not JLA Batman at all. JLA Batman is more calculating and is the worlds greatest detective. Nolan showed neither of those traits.

    Second point, Nolan made a very big effort to keep out superpowers out of his movies, i.e bane with venom, and suddenly putting that batman into superpowers and supervillains, sorry but i dont see it. And they cant put christian bale back into it cause that will just confuse everyone by casting the same actor but for a different batman.

    • 0ptik

      without venom**

    • Juggernaut

      I see what you’re saying but they could also use Batman as the anchored character. They could use him as the audience’s viewpoint. He could be brought in and shift into the role of the detective all the while setting up his notorious contingency plans for the rest of the team. I could see him getting a new Arkham City-esque suit to deal with the new threats that come his way.

      • Dedpool

        I could see it happening. But I have to agree with Optik. I think not only would it be an awkward fit, but again it does the ending of the Dark Knight trilogy an injustice (pun intended). Besides with Superman being the tentpole, there should be a new Batman cast. Now unless we’re going to do it like the aniamted films where Kevin Conroy has played Batman in different movies that weren’t connected to Batman The Animated series or Justice League. Now if they want Bale to play a different version of Batman I’m all for that, but recasting would probably be better.

        • Nix

          I personally like the idea of a World’s Finest team-up that leads to a Justice League 2 that would intro the rest of the Leaguers. But the first one would just be Bats coming to terms with Superman’s existence, along with the rest of the planet. Before you know it, the floodgates have opened. I think it could work, and if this Nolan involvement is true, that’s really the only way to go. They can’t just hop into bright spandexes and whatnot. That’s the thing I never liked about DC, everyone is so damn shiny with silly names like Mister Perfect, Onion Boy, Purple Leotard Kid, etc.

          • Lazz82

            I REALLY hope that all this pans out and Bale comes back…because with Nolan/Goyer in the creative process and Syder’s visual punch (just don’t let him write)…the Justice League flick COULD rival “The Avengers” in cool factor…and I think JLA would be a great reason for Bruce to come back into the hero fold “from his normal life”…but there must be a drastic reason for this to happen…so drastic maybe comic fans would shudder..

          • Aegon the Conqueror

            He’s dead! Aint no coming back from that in Nolanverse!

          • Lazz82

            He isn’t dead….there WAS NO TWIST!!!!! lol

  • Evilloin

    Latino Review… What fan boy bought that “scoop” about “Marvel’s: The Avengers 2″ having a WW HULK storyline… The “Civil War” storyline would have been a Waaaaay more acceptable lie.