Is Commissioner Gordon Also Iron Man’s Dad?

With Jon Favreau’s “Iron Man 2” finally starting up production, the fanboy community is of course geeking out all over it. Which means pretty much any minor news is worth posting, and this one just happens to be a tad bigger than usual. Though of course there are no confirmations or anything, just a sighting and a whole lot of speculation. But here it is, anyway, cause we enjoy a little speculation on Wednesdays.

According to IESB, Gary Oldman (currently warlording it over at the post-apocalyptic set of the Hughes Brothers’ “Book of Eli”) has been spotted on the set of “Iron Man 2”. The site’s source has no idea why Oldman was there, but IESB speculates that Batman’s Commissioner Gordon has landed a role (possibly as Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s father) in the movie. The role was originally linked to Tim Robbins, who has since fallen by the wayside.

Again, no confirmation either/or, and he’s probably just there to dip into their catering and this “news” has just gotten him busted, but someone did see him on the set, and that’s enough for us. See, we’re easy that way.

Below: “Look, guys, I’m just leaving for one movie, don’t get all dramatic on me now…”