Is Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns Becoming an Animated Movie?

D.C. has been doing some pretty damn good work when it comes to their original direct-to-DVD animated movies, with recent additions including “All-Star Superman” and “Batman/Superman: Apocalypse”. We already know that D.C. and Warner Bros. have plans for a “Batman: Year One” animated movie, based on, of course, the first year of the Caped Crusader’s, well, crusade against crime. Now rumor has D.C. also pondering another Batman story, this one based on Frank Miller’s futuristic “What if” tale “The Dark Knight Returns”. (Let’s not talk too much about its sequel, “The Dark Knight Strikes Again”, which was just, well, let’s not talk about it.)

If you’ve never read Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”, you are missing out on possibly one of the best comic book stories of all time. It was the first comic book that convinced me comics were no longer for kids — it was breathtakingly complex, awesome, and featured an aging Bruce Wayne, long since retired as Batman, returning to the cape and cowl just in time to save Gotham City from crumbling under the weight of its own slime. It also features the best Batman vs. Superman fight of all time, and one that continues to reverberate throughout the D.C. universe.

Obviously making a live-action movie about an aging, retired Batman is probably NOT gonna happen anytime soon (if ever), but as an animated movie? According to the boys at Bleeding Cool, that’s exactly the plan. Citing “multiple sources”, the site also adds that “several veterans of Batman toons past will be on the crew list”, including as writers and director (or directors, which is pretty common in animated movies).

Nothing against Superman, but the notion that I might be able to see this comic book panel turned into an animated movie feels me with all kinds of glee: