Is Harrison Ford Joining Forces with Ridley Scott for the Blade Runner Sequel?

I’m not the Harrison Ford fan I once was. The guy has made some seriously questionable choices over the past few years, and the less said about that whole unsightly Crystal Skull affair, the better. Hell, I even tried to enjoy “Morning Glory”, for crying out loud. So am I excited about the fact that Ford might be reprising his iconic role in Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” sequel? Well, not really. Truth be told, I’m just not that interested in seeing a gruff, scruffy, aged Deckard trotting around a sprawling futuristic cityscape in search of Replicants. No offense to Ford, but I don’t know if he’s capable of returning to the role at this stage in the game. Feel free to crucify me now.

Anyway, nothing’s been confirmed as of this writing, so this entire article may become entirely irrelevant as soon as someone flatly denies the rumor. What do you think? Am I being too hard on poor Ford? Does he still have what it takes to pull off another adventure in Deckard’s cinematic shoes? As much as I’d love to support the idea, it sounds a bit more ridiculous the more I think about it. And that’s really kind of sad.

While you’re waiting for something official, watch someone point and click their way through the entire “Blade Runner” PC game. The embedded video is strangely mesmerizing.

Via : Twitch