Is it Game Over for Uwe Boll?

For some unGodly reason, someone gave German wunderkind Uwe Boll $70 million dollars to make “In the Name of the King”. And if you’ve seen trailers for the movie, you know there was no unGodly reason to do so, because the movie looked Godawful. And after the movie bombed at the box office (opening to a weak $3 million take), does this mean Boll is finished?

Sort of. He’s probably finished making big-budget bombs. Or at least, that’s what he says:

“In the future, I will focus on small films such as (the video game adaptation) ‘Postal’ or (the Vietnam war drama) ‘Tunnel Rats,’ ” he said. “These are films that represent my true passion, and they can be done with small budgets.”

So how exactly has Boll been able to make these Godawful big-budget movies?

Boll has been able to finance bigger budget films through German tax shelter funds. But “King” marked the last film to be bankrolled by his fund, which, like all similar tax shelters, has been banned in Germany.

Boll will now have to finance films the old-fashioned way — with presales. Given the director’s record, that could prove difficult.

But hey, there’s always “Zombie Massacre”, right? Um, yeah.

Is it Game Over for Uwe Boll?