Is Jackie Chan Preparing to Direct Chinese Zodiac: Armour of God 3?

Rumors have been swirling for years that Chan will saddle up for one more “Armour of God” sequel before he gets too old to bounce back from all of the stunt-related tomfoolery that goes on during his productions. Things have been silent on that front for a while, as Chan moved forward with the historical epic “1911” as his legendary 100th film. However, those who feared that Jackie would never follow through with his promise might have reason to rejoice, as a sliver of positive info has surfaced about the long-awaited follow-up to the iconic series. Here’s hoping it’s not just a fluke.

Screen Daily recently reported that Huayi Brothers Media has announced a heaping helping of titles that are currently on-deck, including an “Indiana Jones style action adventure — ‘Chinese Zodiac’ — to be directed by Jackie Chan and produced by Stanley Tong with co-producers Emperor Motion Pictures”, among others. Although I’m not overly enthused that Tong is involved with the film — I’d love to see Sammo Hung contribute something to the project — the idea that Chan is returning to his roots for an “Armour of God”-style romp is incredible news. Not much else is known about the flick, but I’m sure more information will bubble to the surface once production gets underway.

Via Film Smash