Is Jackie Earle Haley Rorschach in Watchmen?

Casting for Zack Snyder’s live-action version of “Watchmen” is now moving at a pretty fast speed, which is a good sign for those hoping the long-gestating movie will FINALLY get made and make it to the big screen at last. The latest casting rumor has Jackie Earle Haley (“All the King’s Men”) slipping on the bag as the unkempt vigilante Rorscharch, the “Watchmen” universe’s version of, well, the Batman, minus the money and mansion. Rorscharch is a mentally disturbed fellow with the bad habit of beating people to within an inch of their lives.

Says Superherohype:

Actor Paddy Considine, who was attached to play masked vigilante Rorschach in Watchmen back when Paul Greengrass was directing, has revealed on his official fan site that Warner Bros. has now gone out to Jackie Earle Haley for the role.

Haley received an Oscar nomination for his role in Little Children. He also recently starred in All the King’s Men and played Kelly Leak in the “Bad News Bears” films in the ’70s.

I’ve never even heard of the guy, but apparently he was a child actor who has, well, since grown up. Looking at this movies at, he hasn’t exactly worked steadily until a few years ago, so he’s not a well-known name at all, so I’m a little doubtful about this news, unless Snyder is going “left-field” with the casting.



Patrick Wilson all but confirms his role as Nite Owl here.