Is Jill Valentine Being Re-Cast for Resident Evil 5?

You don’t have to be a big-time horror movie blog with contacts in the industry to know that “Resident Evil 5” (aka “Resident Evil: Retribution”) is happening. Last year’s “Resident Evil: Afterlife” pretty much shocked everyone by showing renewed life (ahem) and pulling in $296 million worldwide from a $60 million dollar production budget. That’s a lot of change for the studio.

And it’s also no surprise that Milla Jovovich would be back as Alice. Being the savvy businesswoman that she is, Jovovich has proven through four entries in the series that she’s more than willing to ride this baby into the ground (blood from a stone and all that), and her husband and director Paul W.S. Anderson coming back was also confirmed by Jovovich months ago.

But here’s the kicker — as recently as March, Sienna Guillory, who plays Jill Valentine in the second movie and was re-introduced in the recent fourth one — tweeted that she was already in training to reprise Valentine in “Retribution”.

Um, maybe not so much.

According to horror blog Bloody-Disgusting, Guillory might have done all that training for nothing, because the site claims the Jill Valentine character is being re-cast with a new actress. Sigh. As a big ol fan of Sienna Guillory, let me just say that I am very disappointed by this news if true.

Besides Jovovich as Alice, the fifth installment will introduce two new characters in Barry Burton (a STARs commando) and “RE” games mainstay Leon S. Kennedy (that “S” stands for Scott, apparently). So what happened to the Redfields? Oh well, “Afterlife” was too stuffed with characters anyway. That whole brother and sister thing with the Redfields seemed like such an afterthought that it was embarrassing.

Screen Gems, meanwhile, has already scheduled “Retribution” for September 14, 2012.