Is J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield/1-18-08 Now Called … Wreck?

A little while ago, the Internet movie group (aka guys with way too much time on their hands but a mega huge Internet connection) all came to the sort-of conclusion that the J.J. Abrams movie currently going by the title of Cloverfield aka 1-18-08 was going to be called “Monstrous”. Then somewhere along the way it was changed again, this time to “Wreck”. Or at least, that’s the theory du jour for Cloverfield. So why the change (if this is all true, that is)? Apparently it was because the Internet got wind of it, so Abrams and his Bad Robot peeps decided they couldn’t have the ‘net folk (you know, us) knowing something they haven’t “allowed” us to know, and thus the change. At least, that’s the theory.

Bloody-Disgusting has more for ya:

I can pretty much guarantee that by us reporting this, it will either be denied or changed – again. We learned exclusively here at Bloody-Disgusting that JJ Abrams’ monster movie was in fact going to be titled “Monstrous”, but was changed the second it hit the web (man we all gossip way too much!) Now it’s our turn to ruin a possible title for the Matt Reeves’ helmed giant monster movie, which wrapped last month in Los Angeles and New York… the title just might be……….


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