Is John Cusack a Douche? You Decide.

Wow, who would have thunk it: an actor who plays mostly good guys on the big screen turns out to be not so much in real life? Someone call the “Duh Police”! But seriously. Apparently John Cusack is a bit of a douche bag, at least according to Australian actor turned writer Paul Leyden, who opines to an Australian radio show about the horrors of working with Mr. Cusack, the star of a cop thriller called “The Factory” that Leyden penned, and is currently scheduled for release in 2009.

Here’s what Leyden said, according to

“John Cusack was one of my favourite actors until I met him…I have to say one thing – and this is my favourite line when people ask me what I think of John Cusack – he plays nice guys on film. So, read between the lines.”

But wait, he didn’t stop there! He goes on:

“He cost us a lot of money and he was getting his biggest pay day on this film. He was getting paid a lot of cash and he would just be two hours late to set, wouldn’t apologise for keeping everyone waiting in the snow. Everyone thought he was a really nice guy (prior to filming) and all I can say is that it was a really nice day when he wrapped,” Leyden said.


But that’s not the end of the story, not by a long shot. Very quickly after that radio interview, Leyden released this statement trying to “clarify” his comments about Cusack:

“It was said in a jovial way and I’ve been misconstrued. I’m honoured to have met him and that he’s in this film. I was joking…I feel terrible that I’ve said something about someone I have absolute admiration and respect for.”

Sounds like someone got called out on the carpet.

Is John Cusack a douche bag? Who knows. From the descriptions Leyden gave above, Cusack sounds like every other Hollywood actor out there, which isn’t a surprise, although I suppose, considering Cusack’s roles, one would expect more from him.

Here’s a little about “The Factory”, which actually sounds like a pretty good movie:

An obsessed cop who, with his partner, is on the trail of a serial killer prowling the streets of Buffalo, N.Y. When his teenage daughter disappears, the cop drops any professional restraint and goes all out to get the killer.

Damn, I’d rather see the above move than watch Cusack do a sorta-not-really sequel to “Grosse Point Blank” where the only draw is Hilary Duff dropping a scorpion into her pants. No, seriously, that’s one of the scenes from Cusack’s latest, “War Inc.”i